[xmonad] Layout for GIMP. How to?

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Sun May 31 12:05:55 EDT 2009

Excerpts from Khudyakov Alexey's message of Sun May 31 04:13:11 -0600 2009:
> First I've tried Nathan's layout based on nested IMs [1]. However it didn't 
> worked well. 
> 1. There is only one window in side panels (Layers etc). If I open two dock 
> windows one of them goes into main working area. 

Check your dock 'xprop' properties match the ones IM is trying to find
for the side panels. You may need to restart Gimp while tweaking this,
but usually mod-shift-space is enough. Gimp seems to change class
depending how it's started, too, so check xprop if something's weird
after it's been working properly.

Also you can combine docks into one if you have enough vertical
resolution. Instructions are on wiki in Tips and Tricks > Gimp section.
Basically you drag panels and tabs to different places on main toolbox.

> 2. If I open two image windows and move mouse cursor to toolbox one of windows 
> always gets in front. Observed only with Full layout. 

Yes, this is separate focus layer zipper issue. I use Full ||| ResizableTall
... and just mod-tab as needed when focus changes badly. Usually it's
not so ugly since floats are mostly used with tiled not full. I use
setup like Kathryn suggested, but one toolbox/dock, not two... and have 
unconsciously learned to work in a way that mostly doesn't create focus shifts.


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