[xmonad] Layout for GIMP. How to?

Sergey Manucharian sergey at ingeniware.com
Sun May 31 10:35:50 EDT 2009

On Sun, 31 May 2009 14:13:11 +0400
Khudyakov Alexey <alexey.skladnoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello 
> I'm trying to create layout for Gimp. It's program which really asked
> for clever layout and otherwise not very usable. 
> First I've tried Nathan's layout based on nested IMs [1]. However it
> didn't worked well. 
> 1. There is only one window in side panels (Layers etc). If I open
> two dock windows one of 
> them goes into main working area. 
> 2. If I open two image windows and move mouse cursor to toolbox one
> of windows always gets in front. Observed only with Full layout. 
> How should it work in my opinion. Screen is separated in three
> vertical areas. Left is for tools. Center is working area. Right for
> docks. Right and central area has own layouts. Center must have way
> to change layouts.
> Other ideas are welcome too. 
> [1] http://nathanhowell.net/2009/03/08/xmonad-and-the-gimp/
> --

Hello Alexey,

I use almost the same layout:
gimpLayout = IM.withIM (0.15)
 (Role "gimp-toolbox") $ reflectHoriz $
IM.withIM (0.20) (Role "gimp-dock") (Mirror tiled ||| Full)
  where tiled = ResizableTall nmaster delta ratio []
    nmaster = 1
    ratio   = 1/2
    delta   = 2/100
I have the same issue as you with "Full" when 2 or more image windows
are open, but with "ResizableTall" everything works fine.

Another issue related to focus is that the order of floating windows
depends on the focus somehow, example: when I press Ctr-Shift-S to "save
as" and chose the folder and file name (floating dialog) sometimes
another floating window (which appear to ask for transparency level,
exporting transparency etc.) pops up BEHIND the file chooser in spite of
I have "doF W.swapUp" in the manageHook. So this behaviour depends on
the focus at the moment I pressed Ctr-Shift-S.


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