[xmonad] Swing and keyboard

Kendall Shaw kshaw at kendallshaw.com
Thu Mar 19 13:48:00 EDT 2009

mad at unserver.de writes:

> Hi,
> Am Tue, 17 Mar 2009 13:22:30 -0700
> schrieb Kendall Shaw <kshaw at kendallshaw.com>:
>> I have to use some applications that use swing, e.g. intellij IDEA.
>> Sometimes the keyboard stops working for them.
>> I have both AMT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit environment variable and I have
>> setWMName "LG3D" in Hooks/EwmhDesktops.hs, but I still have the
>> keyboard problem.
>> Are there any other work arounds?
> After the comment on issue 177 earlier today, I tried the patch, too,
> and it seems to work for me (xmonad-darcs, jdk 1.6.0_11). Maybe you'll
> have luck with it, too: it's the "failed fix attempt" at comment #2
> http://code.google.com/p/xmonad/issues/detail?id=177
> What does the patch brake, why isn't it applied to the repo?

The keyboard problem I have/had was not fixed by clicking in the window with the mouse, but I've applied the patch and I'll see if it fixes the problem. Thanks.


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