[xmonad] More trouble with KDE apps

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue Jun 9 15:39:52 EDT 2009

Spencer Janssen wrote:

> Sadly, the bug is in KDE.  They use an undocumented (at least I can't find any
> references) protocol for their tray icons, rather than the standard protocol
> that other toolkits use.
> I believe there was a version of stalonetray that somehow worked around this,
> but I'm not sure how it works.

Thanks for the info, Spencer.  Interestingly, stalonetray will capture
the Amarok icon.

So I'm a bit puzzled on several fronts:

1) Why does the window manager make any difference?

2) How could a non-KDE app capture what the KDE tray couldn't?

Can you give me any additional information on what I perhaps ought to
report to KDE?

Actually, this is interesting bit of code from stalonetray:

        if (tray_data.kde_tray_old_mode ||
                                (unsigned char **) &kde_tray_icons,

        for (i = 0; i < list_len; i++)
                /* If the icon is not None and is non old, try to add it
                 * (if the icon is already there, nothing is gonna
happen). */
                if (kde_tray_icons[i] != None &&
                        DBG(8, ("(possibly unembedded) KDE icon 0x%x\n",
                        add_icon(kde_tray_icons[i], CM_KDE);


I am way out of my depth here, but looking for tray in the kwin source,
I also notice:

    atoms[n] = &kde_system_tray_embedding;
    names[n++] = (char*) "_KDE_SYSTEM_TRAY_EMBEDDING";

This leads me to wonder if there is some issue with embedding in some
fashion?  The xmonad source doesn't reference embedding or tray at all...

Am I onto something at all here?

> Cheers,
> Spencer Janssen
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