[xmonad] [xmonad-contrib] DarcsWatch Unapplied Patch Review

Wirt Wolff wirtwolff at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 11:36:05 EST 2009

Updated version of Gwern's fine review from a while back:

Down to 15 unapplied in XMC DarcsWatch, several of which are new, and
none obsolete but possibly[1] and [2]. Hurrah!

DW is unfortunately missing at least some patches from the mailing
list. Some manually attached patches are listed and some are not;
some are listed only on the 'DarcsWatch overview > Listing by user'
page, and marked as "unmatched", e.g. the *Master patches. Not
sure what causes this, but I did have some problems with a darcs get 
--partial repo while testing patches, so maybe generating patches
against different lazy versions may have something to do with it?

= Needing comments,lobbying, committer decision =

* 20080710220410: XMonad.Actions.DynamicKeys: utilities to update key
bindings at runtime  by Marco TM-CM-:lio Gontijo e S
<marcot at riseup.net>
wmw: Depends on core change. Own thread.

* 20081007080041: UpdatePointer even to empty workspaces  by Joachim
Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>, 20081008154245: pointWithin has
moved to the core  by Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>
gwern: Maintainer plans to comment this weekend. Tested ok here. Own thread.

* 20081019140330: FocusNth improvements fixed  by Aleksey Artamonov
<aleksey.artamonov at gmail.com>
wmw: Maintainer still no comment. Tested ok here. Own thread.

* 20090117164445: Properly encode destop names before sending them to
X server in XMonad.Hooks.EwmhDesktops Khudyakov Alexey
<alexey.skladnoy at gmail.com>
gwern: Blocked on our slow-moving UTF discussion.
wmw: Makes UTF-8 non-optional dependency but solves high impact problem
for those it affects. Own thread.

* 20090128013917: new XMonad.Layout.MessageControl module
  20090128004726: NoWrap export patch for use with X.L.MessageControl
  <quentin.moser at unifr.ch>
wmw: Comments requested from (yet to volunteeer) LayoutCombinators adopter.
Own thread.

* 20090209192718: add a regular expression matching manageHook by
  Justin Bogner <mail at justinbogner.com>
wmw: Looks good to me; several user requests and many use cases.

* 20090213155441: H.DynamicLog Add format strippers for xmobar and dzen
<wirtwolff at gmail.com>
wmw: No comments yet. Own thread.

* 20090215212346: L.Cross: clarify documentation and fix for haddock
  <wirtwolff at gmail.com> 
wmw: (!) Some fix for Cross should be applied; it blocks -ftesting for
anyone with Cross in their repo.

* 20090219022417: Cleanup X.L.Mosaic, without breaking it by Adam Vogt
  <vogt.adam at gmail.com> 
wmw: Works well for me. Own thread. 

[1] 20090220054704: Add TabbedModifier layout modifer  by Adam Vogt
* 20090220061819: Add TabbedModifier layout modifer by Adam Vogt
<vogt.adam at gmail.com>
wmw: Not sure if only last patch needed; DarcsWatch may have missed
an amend-record. Test and comment. Own thread.

= Not on XMC DarcsWatch =

* 20090212170113: X.L.AddMaster: Master turned into a LayoutModifier
wmw: [2] (same as ff. patch but as new module? obsolete?)
* 20090213020453: X.L.Master: turn it to a Layout modifier and update
the code by Ismael Carnales <icarnales at gmail.com>
wmw: No comments yet. No opinion till I look more closely, seems like
good idea. Own thread.

= Needing action by author or new adopter=

20080926205838: dzenStatusBar  by seanmce33 at gmail.com,
20081002131304: layoutLogger, windowLogger, workspaceLogger,maildDir
                loggers  by seanmce33 at gmail.com
gwern: byorgey tried to apply them, but failed. So we're blocked on sean
re-sending them.
wmw: if no other action next week or so, I'll submit versions against
current repo, probably put dzenStatusBar in Util.Dzen instead.

= Summary =
Obsoletes have been cleaned out. Not much action since last time
on controversial patches. Several new patches have been added since
last review, including adam's tabbed modifier response to tabbed
subpane requests.

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