[xmonad] Re: Issue 291 in xmonad: Layout.Tabbed has drawing problems when used with Layout.MultiToggle

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Sun Dec 20 15:21:12 EST 2009

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Comment #1 on issue 291 by vogt.adam: Layout.Tabbed has drawing problems  
when used with Layout.MultiToggle

Can you still reproduce this if you include this patch:

Sat Dec 19 19:47:33 EST 2009  Tomas Janousek <tomi at nomi.cz>
   * Fix MultiToggle crashes with decorated layouts

   The problem was that certain layouts keep their "world" state in their  
   which was thrown away and forgotten after ReleaseResources during toggle.

   In particular, decorated layouts store some X11 handles in them and
   allocate/deallocate it as appropriate. If any modification to their state  
   ignored, they may try to deallocate already deallocated memory, which  
   in a crash somewhere inside Xlib.

   This patch makes Transformers reversible so that nothing is ever ignored.  
As a
   side effect, layout transformers now do receive messages and messages for  
   base layout do not need the undo/reapply cycle -- we just pass messages  
to the
   current transformed layout and unapply the transformer when needed.
   (This, however, doesn't mean that the base layout is not asked to release
   resources on a transformer change -- we still need the transformer to  
   its resources and there's no way to do this without asking the base  
layout as

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