[xmonad] "minimize" + "boringAuto" in Full-layout: focusUp and focusDown don't change focus

Ralph Hofmann hofmann2004 at arcor.de
Sat Dec 19 04:51:40 EST 2009


I am new to xmonad. I use version 0.9.

I am trying to get "minimize" and "boringAuto" working together, like
described here:

"The module is designed to work together with
XMonad.Layout.BoringWindows so that minimized windows will be skipped
when switching the focus window with the keyboard. Use the boringAuto

The layout is:

myLayout = boringAuto $ minimize (Full ||| tiled ||| Mirror tiled)
                tiled   = Tall nmaster delta ratio
                nmaster = 1
                delta   = 1/12
                ratio   = 1/2

Everythings works fine, except the Full-mode. In Full-mode the functions
focusUp and focusDown from XMonad.Layout.BoringWindows don't switch to
the next or previous window. They do nothing. 

I would like to be able to cycle in Full-mode through all windows but
the minimized windows. Is there anything, I can do?


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