[xmonad] Persistant layouts

alexholding at lavabit.com alexholding at lavabit.com
Wed Dec 16 06:03:50 EST 2009


This is my first post to this list so please forgive me if its not written
in a more apprreally appropriate style.

How would i go about configuring a persistant layout across all workspaces?
Maby a better question would be, where in the documentation does it
outline doing this?
What i have in mind is a mrxvt terminal spanning the bottom of the screen,
and all my other windows opening and tiling above it, basically looking
like this..

|          |          |      ...please excuse the naff ascii art. I know
| screen 1 | screen 2 |        persistant layours are possible with xmonad,
|          |          |         to be honest thats why im wanting to use it
-----------------------         over the other tiling wm's iv tried.
|                     |
|      terminal       |

Iv just started using xmonad as im really keen to learn haskell, so i know
what im asking is possible and could very well be an easy task if i
fiddled about, but as im just starting out im a little lost as to how to
go about implementing it.

Any and all thoughts and suggestions welcome, again sorry if this post
does not fit with the netiquette of this list.


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