[xmonad] Issue 348 in xmonad: Encoding task force

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Wed Dec 2 00:03:33 EST 2009

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New issue 348 by SpencerJanssen: Encoding task force

xmonad is sloppy about strings and encoding.  We should go through all of
xmonad and make sure all code follows these guidelines:

  * All String ([Char]) values should be lists of Unicode code points, and
should NOT be in UTF-8 or any other encoded form.
  * All input that creates String values should decoded from bytes in
whatever encoding to a lists of code points (this means System.IO and
proper locale settings in GHC 6.12, System.IO.UTF8 in older)
  * All output that takes String values should encode the code points to
bytes in whatever encoding (again System.IO in 6.12, utf8-string otherwise)
  * All non-string data (lists of bytes, encoded strings, etc.) should be
stored at types other than [Char]

If anybody wants to spearhead this, feel free to come forward.
Alternatively we could have maintainers self-certify their modules?

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