[xmonad] Issue 290 in xmonad: Windows are no longer visible but are still there

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Wed Apr 29 19:51:40 EDT 2009

Comment #3 on issue 290 by vogt.adam: Windows are no longer visible but are  
still there

A similar result happens when you kill a window when xmonad is
recompiling/restarting. Before xmonad was changed to recompile in the  
(post-0.8.1) you could have enough time to kill a window while it was  
and xmonad would still leave space for the window because the dead window  
would be
added to the StackSet from the serialized state.

Are there borders drawn for the 'invisible' window (if yes, then ignore my
suggestion, since none are drawn for elements in the WindowSet that do not  
refer to
an actual window)

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