[xmonad] Update to my placement module + other new module

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Apr 19 06:21:00 EDT 2009


> Hello.
> In a previous mail, I've introduced a module for automatic placement of
> floating windows, and mentioned difficulties on getting it to compose
> correctly with other hooks.
> The fact is, the method I used to place windows in a way compatible
> with simple(st)Float (set the position at the X level) was brittle at
> best, and stopped working as soon as I tried to make my hook compose
> correctly with others.
> So I've dropped simple(st)Float support in placeHook, thanks to which
> I've been able to revrite it as a perfectly well-behaved pure hook that
> composes without trouble. (placeFocused still supports WindowArranged
> windows, though). This version is simpler and much more
> confidence-inspiring, and I'm satisfied with it, so it's final as far
> as I am concerned (modulo bug fixes of course).
> As for reliably supporting a simpleFloat-like layout in the placement
> hook, I can't think of a way of doing it that wouldn't involve writing a
> new Layout and ad-hoc ManageHook combinators, defacing the xmonad core
> library with ugly non-general code, breaking a few abstractiomn
> barriers, and still having to pray to God that the thing indeed works.
> So I'm not going to bother with it for now.
> My second patch (floatnext.dpatch) is a simple module I wrote when I
> decided to screw floating layouts. It provides keybindings such as
> "Float the next spawned window" or "Float all new windows until I hit
> the key again".
> Hoping someone finds these useful,
> Quentin

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