[xmonad] Opinions (skip if you are busy)

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 22:46:38 EDT 2009

The XMonad.Config namespace seems like it could use some love: it has some 
redundancy (Xfce, Kde, Desktop), and it could probably showcase more 
elabourate configs.

Another thing that I've found is that the sample configs on the wiki are 
based on the template: personally they are (in general) a bit verbose.  
Would it be a good thing to show just the minimum necessary, or is it 
helpful that the configs are explicit?

* On Sunday, April 05 2009, Ismael Carnales wrote:

>Sorry, my English is not the best, I'm from Uruguay.
>To clarify some things:
> * I've never tried to make this an XMonad vs Awesome thread (I hate the latter)
> * As I explain in my mail I think XMonad is the most useful piece of
>software running in my machine :)
>What I do say is that Awesome does some things good in aspects that
>XMonad could do better:
>These are:
> * Being more friendly for customization out of the box: I don't talk
>here about changing configuration system or anything like that.
>Altough I think it would be good to include 2 or 3 different
>functional config.hs (with some common twaks) and an annotated one
>maybe saying things like: # for a status bar you can use xmonadDzen or
>xmonadXmobar, or look at the modules X, Y .... and other basic things
>like UrgencyHook, etc.
> * Publicity/Advertising: Awesome is pure blah, and unluckily its
>everywhere. I know that some efforts are being done to improve the
>communication in general (Webpage, Blog etc) and I think that we
>should help with this, writing beginner-oriented info, and some guides
>like the official tour but for the contrib set of modules (that could
>go in the main page instead of wiki) and also try to show the world
>what XMonad is capable of.
>As I said before I offer my help to go in this direction (or the one
>that we think could be more appropriate), I've made an effort in the
>past to made a tour-a-like of the contribs, it's in here:
>The las Pimp your XMonad used part of the document
>as a starting-point (yay!) I think that this kind of documents belong
>somewere in the homepage, to be really easy to find, and one more
>thing .. we need screenshots, lots of screenshots, of simple separated
>So feel free to contact me or ask for help in getting some of these
>things (or others) done, bye!

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