[xmonad] Issue 97 in xmonad: xmonad stops responding to keyboard input after running xscreensaver

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Thu Nov 20 12:30:26 EST 2008

Issue 97: xmonad stops responding to keyboard input after running  

Comment #17 by drewfrank:
Same trouble here -- xmonad randomly "freezes up" so that I can't switch to  
desktop, invoke dmenu, or even shift-mod-q.  If I am focused on an  
application at the
time of the freeze, however, I can continue to control that single  
application with
both my mouse and keyboard.  Other than that, nothing works but  

This is very frustrating, because it's pretty much a deal-breaker for an  
excellent WM.  I have no idea how to debug it.  The only advice I've found  
that seems
potentially relevant is this:

I added the relevant line to my xorg.conf, but control-alt-kpdivide doesn't  
seem to
do anything for me at all.

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