[xmonad] darcs patch: GridSelect

Clemens Fruhwirth clemens at endorphin.org
Mon Nov 10 07:36:25 EST 2008

At Mon, 10 Nov 2008 12:17:59 +0100,
Dominik Bruhn wrote:
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> Hy Clemens,
> can you perhaps drop some lines on the mailinglist how to use (or try out) the
> gridselect-module for xmonad? Im not that familiar with the xmonad-code so a
> small hint would help. I tried to add a keybinding ("((modm, xK_g),
> gridselect defaultGSConfig)") but thats not the way I is supposed to work, is
> it?

Sorry, I have put my xmonad.hs line into the original mail that was
swallowed by gmane, and I forget about it in the second.

    , ((modMask', xK_f     ), (gridselect defaultGSConfig) >>= (\w -> case w of 
						      Just w -> windows (bringWindow w) >> focus w >> windows W.shiftMaster
						      Nothing -> return ()
as keybinding.

That will forcefully raise/focus the window you selected with mod+F.
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