[xmonad] Sticky windows, switch stacks and so on

E.L.K. some.any.key at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 11:37:20 EST 2008


I'm using xmonad some time (and have started to learn haskell to be able to
configure it) and so i have some questions like "is
this possible?".

1. Is it possible to have several windows to be placed on top
everytime, disregarding on layout or workspace currently
selected? Theese windows should not take focus (this mainly
needed for me to show some information windows like trayer and so
on on edges of screen). I know something about "avoid struts" and
it seems to be not what I need, as it reduces workspace zone. I'm
for now want only trayer window at top right corner.

2. Is it possible to have something like stack of window (or
workspace) switching? I mean, for example: I want to switch to
"web" workspace to search some documentation and then switch back
to "3" workspace to continue work, but for this i need to
remember where i was all the time while i searching doc. Can
there be something like "go back" function?

3. Is it possible to have hidden window present on all workspaces
in floating layer? And with ability to toggle it visiblity
status. (This will be useful for accessing audio player, for
example, of course, if item 2 is possible, then it can superseed
item 3 (: )

4. Is it possible to make sticked layout for some workspace?
The reason i'm asking - i have "chats" workspace, where windows
should be arranged some convinient way. But this arrangement
makes sense only for this workspace, so i don't want to have this
workspace in layout toggling cycle and don't want to be able
change layout on "chats" workspace to make sure i will not break
it accidentaly.

If something is possible, and where i should search for it?  I'm
for now completely lost in types/functions/internals of xmonad
and will appreciate if somebody gives me directions for

Friday, 07 of November, 2008, 18:21

зы. C_U_L8r!

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