[xmonad] Quite difficult hack

Adam Vogt vogt.adam at gmail.com
Fri May 23 16:20:22 EDT 2008

* On Thursday, May 22 2008, Andrea Spada wrote:

>Hi, folks! I'm trying  to set to functions in my xmonad.hs, without
>I need to change my workspace with functions keys, not as normal with
>numbers. I had try the Droundy.hs method, but it not work on my config.
>Belowe, some of my config:

>myKeys = \conf -> mkKeymap conf $
>etc, etc, etc...
> 	--Shift workspaces
>                ++
>                [ (m ++ i, windows $ f j)
>                        | (i, j) <- zip (map show [1..12])
>                        , (m, f) <- [("M-", W.greedyView),
>                ]

I find the workspace switching keybindings given in 
XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaces easier to understand:
myKeys =
  zip (zip (repeat (mod1Mask)) [xK_1..xK_9]) (map (withNthWorkspace W.greedyView) [0..])
  zip (zip (repeat (mod1Mask .|. shiftMask)) [xK_1..xK_9]) (map (withNthWorkspace W.shift) [0..])

To use the F keys, you want to change the list of keys [xK_1..xK_9] to 

There might be a way to convert it to not use withNthWorkspace, but it will 
probably look more like what you had.

>Also, I want to have my opacity change on focus in and out. Anyone
>knows how can I achive this with transet-df?
It doesn't look like it is immediately achievable from the config, but 
someone more knowledgeable may think otherwise.

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