[xmonad] myStartupHook Examples?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Tue May 20 22:16:51 EDT 2008

> XMonad Fans,
> Could someone point me towards examples of running things like xsetroot, 
> etc., from a myStartupHook?  I found a sample xmonad.hs config file and 
> have tweaked a couple of settings.  The example contains a myStartupHook, 
> which does nothing:
> -- By default, do nothing.
> myStartupHook = return ()

myStartupHook normally is for running actions that need access to the 
internal state of xmonad.

If you just want to launch programs, that's as easy as:

    main = do
        spawn "xclock"

in your xmonad.hs
-- Don

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