[xmonad] Issue 179 in xmonad: Tabbed Layout doesn't scale as well as it could

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Thu May 1 04:26:31 EDT 2008

Issue 179: Tabbed Layout doesn't scale as well as it could

Comment #6 by SpencerJanssen:
Yes, this patch seems to help the situation greatly, thanks.  Tabbed 
still seems
slightly sluggish compared to other layouts, but it is certainly usable 
now.  As such
I'm changing the description of the bug and leaving it open if someone 
wants to
address any other outstanding performance issues.

Regarding comment deletion: this bug tracker is intended only for constructive
discussion of issues with xmonad.  Andrea, the problem with your 
comment (and some
other comments in the past) is that you mix constructive contributions 
with flamebait
and emotional judgements.  Feel free to continue using this bug tracker 
as long as
you stick to concrete problems and solutions for xmonad, and leave the editorializing

That is all I'd like to say here, any other discussion on this issue 
should go to Don
and I directly or the mailing list, as the bug tracker isn't really the 
proper place.

Issue attribute updates:
	Summary: Tabbed Layout doesn't scale as well as it could
	Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Enhancement Priority-Low

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