[xmonad] Issue 179 in xmonad: Tabbed Layout does not scale for >50 windows

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Thu May 1 02:40:24 EDT 2008

Issue 179: Tabbed Layout does not scale for >50 windows

Comment #4 by andrea.rossato:
> I don't know if they are meaningful, this is why I'm posting them
> here. If they indeed are, then they are also a bit puzzling.

They are far from being puzzling if you just think a bit about them...
and indeed after thinking a bit about them I found the problem. And
the solution.

Please give the attached patch a try. You'll see that by adding a bit
of complexity to our decoration algorithm we can actually fix the
bug... oh yes, there was a bug.

Old style debugging.

ps: I see that the xmonad developers keep deleting my comments - 
probably this patch
will be shortly removed too. I don't know if they think of doing 
something good to
their users, and to their project. Anyhow, this sort of stupid behavior 
(it is called
censorship here) should give you a hint about the level of trust you 
should accord to
the window manager you are running.

	179_fix.dpatch  60.7 KB

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