[xmonad] Issue 196 in xmonad: UpdatePointer moves the pointer away from non-managed windows

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Tue Jun 10 15:42:20 EDT 2008

Issue 196: UpdatePointer moves the pointer away from non-managed windows

New issue report by nomeata:

I use gnome-panel with manageDocks, but probably applies to any non-manged

When I have the pointer over the panel, and do something that triggers the
logHook, the UpdatePointer kicks in, moving the mouse to the window that
xmonad thinks is active – even though I’m working on the panel at that moment.

One solution might be, that UpdatePointer only moves the pointer if it
hovers over a managed window (or no window at all), but not otherwise.

Another solution, although probably more difficult, would only run
updatePointer when a real focus-changing action was done by the user, e.g.
by an xmonad key binding, by new applications starting or by EWMH events.


Issue attributes:
	Status: Accepted
	Owner: nomeata
	Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Component-Contrib

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