[xmonad] Gnome Do config

Asumu Takikawa asumu at cyberberry.com
Mon Jun 2 03:51:48 EDT 2008

Late response and I guess you've ditched Do, but maybe someone will find
it useful. I got Gnome Do working with this snippet in the management hook:

  , resource =? "Do" --> doIgnore

It works fine for me. I bound it to mod+d and it pops up and the arrows
seem to work. It disappears when I focus on a different window.

Asumu Takikawa

On 20:01 Tue 27 May     , Magnus Therning wrote:
> Under Xmonad the drop-downs are unresponsive to up and down keys.  They
> won't even go away when choosing something with the mouse.  The only way
> I've found is to click the little triangle in the top-right corner and
> choose "Exit".
> I ended up removing GnomeDo altogether, IMNSHO it's simply too broken to
> be used.
> /M
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