[xmonad] Re: Modular config

Spencer Janssen spencerjanssen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 03:42:55 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 10:54:52PM -0600, Justin Bogner wrote:
> Spencer Janssen wrote:
>> On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 04:12:08PM -0600, Justin Bogner wrote:
>>> recompile calls ghc --make, but supplies the -i argument, which  
>>> suppresses including the current directory in the search path. This 
>>> means that one can't break up xmonad.hs into modules in their own 
>>> .xmonad directory.
>>> I don't see any particularly good reason to prevent this, so here's a 
>>> patch that removes the -i argument. An equivalent change would be to  
>>> change "-i" to "-i.", which explicitly sets the search path, but the 
>>> ghc docs state that this is the default anyway, so I think that 
>>> removing it makes more sense.
>> This is not compatible with case-insensitive file systems, such as those on OS
>> X.  When the user writes 'import XMonad', GHC will attempt to use
>> ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs rather than the installed library module.
>> Cheers,
>> Spencer Janssen
> The case sensitive default filesystem on OS X angers me once again.  
> Personally, I've reformatted to the case sensitive version of HFS, but I  
> can see how this would be a concern.
> If there is no way around this, I'm interested in making it work from  
> within my xmonad.hs. I've tried using an OPTIONS_GHC pragma, but it  
> doesn't seem to work. Is there something wrong with the following?
> {-# OPTIONS_GHC -i. #-}
> -- 
> Justin Bogner

I think -i is a "static" flag -- flags that must be on the commandline, and
can't be set in a pragma.

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