[xmonad] Issue 199 in xmonad: Prompt.AppendFile crashes when file is not writable

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Wed Jul 23 17:10:55 EDT 2008

Issue 199: Prompt.AppendFile crashes when file is not writable

Comment #6 by allbery.b:
I will repeat here something I mentioned on the xmonad list:  there are 
problems like this scattered through the
contribs.  One I'm specifically aware of is in SshPrompt, which assumes 
~/.ssh/known_hosts is always readable;
this is problematic if $HOME is on an authenticated network filesystem 
and the authentication token expires.
(Keeping ~/.ssh readable for public keys is not so useful when you need 
to get such a token on login; usually
(NFSv4, AFS) this means using Kerberos for authentication, which is 
incompatible with public keys.)

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