[xmonad] Re: A New Solution to Removing the GHC Dependency

Miernik public at public.miernik.name
Tue Jul 22 11:07:22 EDT 2008

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff <czarkoff at gmail.com> wrote:
> If You trade the disc consumption for the configurability and
> flexibility, go install dwm.

Right now I installed awesome, which is a much better dwm.

miernik at przehyba ~ $ ps -o %mem,args -p 25681
 0.5 awesome
miernik at przehyba ~ $

I don't need to install a whole programming language just to configure
it, it has a powerfull but still intuitive ~/.awesomerc plain text file,
no need to recompile anything to change config.

What I plan to do is to build a linux image which is packed whole into
an iniramfs image and boots from an USB flashdisk, all into RAM, and
then after boot I remove the flashdisk, haveing the system all in
RAMdisk, and then do XiP (execute in place) there.

That's why I care about size - because RAM is about 25$ per GB now, so
keeping the whole GHC in RAM costs 3$ wasted RAM space, and also power
consumption (electricity cost) of the RAM chips. 3$ is not a lot, but
it's also not nothing, 3$ here, 3$ there and I waste a lot of money. And
money is time, so I want to waste less time, waiting for my applications
to load from disk, by keeping it all in RAM all the time, and having no
disk besides of RAMdisk on the machine.

While I used xmonad for a few days, now I have awesome as my window
manager since a few hours. Can you give me any reason in what xmonad is
better then awesome, any reason to switch back?

For those who don't know awesome:


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