[xmonad] noobish: xmobar and avoidStruts

Bastian Webster bastian.webster at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 07:58:25 EDT 2008

I have xmonad and xmonad-contrib 0.7 installed and running.  I am trying 
to have xmobar running in it's own space on the top of the screen. 

When I start or restart xmonad, the windows make a gap correctly, and 
xmobar is shown correctly.  But when I switch to the next monitor and 
then back again, xmobar disappears, but the space for xmobar remains.  
When I switch to the next monitor and back again, then the space for 
xmobar disappears and I can't get my xmobar instance back again without 
restarting xmonad.

I am completely new to xmonad, haskell, etc.  I have been going through 
the xmonad.hs samples looking for something that will get this 
working.   I have not found anything that will keep xmobar showing.

Thanks for you help. 

Bastian Webster

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