[xmonad] Home page redesign

Devin Mullins me at twifkak.com
Mon Jul 7 03:42:38 EDT 2008

So, I've been toying with the idea of redesigning the home page, such
that everything fits above the fold, and there's a semi-traditional
right side navbar. (Making the nav bar sections have red borders on hover, how

I'm not too interested in messing with the colorscheme, partly because I'm no
good at actual visual design, and partly because I like the whole blast from
the past thing.

Is this a patch(set) you'd accept (for a sufficient definition of 'you')?
Furthermore, is there any ego attached to the current html/css coding style?
I'd like to apply my obsessive whitespace cleanup to it, along the way, and get
rid of some cruft.

I'm thinking the left side would have the about and features sections, and the
right side would consist of this, approximately:

- Home (What)
  - Google CSE
- Download (Where)
  - pkgs from different linuxen
  - core
  - contrib
  - install instructions?
  - darcs
  - related tools
- About (Why)
  - intro tutorial
  - screenshots
  - videos
  - reviews
- Docs (How)
  - guide through contrib
  - FAQ
  - wiki
  - API docs (starting with andrea's config/extend/develop pages)
- News (When)
  - from the xmonad team
  - in the press/blogs
- Community (Who)
  - mailing list
  - irc
  - t-shirts
  - credits

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