[xmonad] Issue 168 in xmonad: gnome-panel with autohide enabled appears behind main windows

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Mon Jul 7 00:04:17 EDT 2008

Issue 168: gnome-panel with autohide enabled appears behind main windows

Comment #2 by jus... at justinbogner.com:
Attached are two patches that partially resolve this issue, but they 
both come with
their own problems, and probably shouldn't go into the mainline without further
consideration. I'm providing them in hopes that they help the 
discussion of the issue.
(I sent the first of these to the mailing list, but I'd like it to be 
on the bug
tracker, as per shepheb's suggestion on the list.

visibleStruts.patch brings strut windows to the top of X's stacking 
order, which
seems an appropriate thing to do. The problem here is that this breaks toggleStruts,
since xmonad covers up struts by using their space, but not hiding the strut.

hiddenStruts.patch unmaps struts that aren't being avoided, and maps 
them again when
they are being avoided. This way, hiding and showing struts behaves 
somewhat more
sanely, instead of just drawing over the panel, we remove the panel 
from the screen.
Perhaps unfortunately though, this means that if avoidStrutsOn is being 
used, any
struts that aren't being avoided will always be invisible --- I'm not 
sure if this is
what people want. I strongly encourage anyone who uses avoidStrutsOn to 
test this
patch and give feedback on whether or not the behaviour makes sense.

	visibleStruts.patch  22.2 KB
	hiddenStruts.patch  23.3 KB

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