[xmonad] Moving windows to a workspace based on their title / console applications in terminal emulators

Bastian Schnitzler baschni at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 20:49:49 EST 2008

Hi all!
For many purposes I am using console applications, like centerim,
irssi or mutt. Now when I start xmonad, I'd like to open a bunch of
applications (Can I do this via .xinitrc), like firefox, mutt, etc.
These should then be moved to a workspace, based on the application
running. So when I start an rxvt-Terminal with mutt, I want this to be
moved to workspace 3, how can I do this? On top of that I can't figure
out how to move gimp to a special workspace. I have setten it to
float, but I tried the class names, gimp, Gimp, gimp-2.2 etc. but it
won't go to the workspace I want, when I start it. Anyway what is this
class name to identify a window? Is it the process name?
Thanks in advance,
Bastian Schnitzler
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