[xmonad] question re --version flag

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Jan 28 20:21:58 EST 2008

>    Let be begin by congratulating the xmonad developers on the release of
>    version 0.6.  I have been a delighted user since 0.4.  Thank you for a
>    fantastic product.

Yay :)

>    I saw on the announcement of the 0.6 release that a new flag had been
>    introduced:
>    " --version: print xmonad's version "
>    Naturally, I tried it first thing after installing v 0.6, and was
>    surprised to get the result "xmonad 0.5".
>    I am left wondering what's up. I deleted the v 0.5 binary and seemingly
>    installed v .6.  If the flag is indeed new, then I must have v 0.6, and am
>    seeing an oversight in a version number.  Is that what I am seeing, or did
>    v 0.5 also have a --version flag?
>    David Cabana

It was in fact an oversight :)
I've patched it, and the darcs version has the correct flag. THe
release process has changed to ensure this doesn't happen next time.

Thanks for the report!

-- Don

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