[xmonad] Issue 124 in xmonad: Closing windows while reloading configuration confuses xmonad

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Mon Jan 28 19:32:14 EST 2008

Issue 124: Closing windows while reloading configuration confuses xmonad

Comment #2 by allbery.b:
For what it's worth, I sort-of touched on this issue in another context 
(session management) on 2007-10-22:

11:27:06 <allbery_b> someday in my copious free time(tm) I would like 
to see if I can make xmonad play
nicely with session managers
11:28:09 <allbery_b> the session manager handles restarting the clients 
and xmonad, and xmonad saves its
state in the session manager (WM_SAVE_YOURSELF) with instructions to 
restore the clients and workspace
11:29:00 <allbery_b> xsm is very barebones and works readonably well though
11:31:42 <allbery_b> the main complication is you can't just blindly 
use the existing support because when
xmonad is restarted the clients to be restored may not be running (or 
have put up their windows) yet
11:33:48 <allbery_b> so you need a kind of deferred variant of --resume

Apparently we have that problem even during restarts, let alone when 
resuming a session (actually implied by
the "existing support" comment.

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