[xmonad] Issue 143 in xmonad: XEvent hook or similar needed

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Sun Feb 24 03:14:17 EST 2008

Issue 143: XEvent hook or similar needed

Comment #8 by andrea.rossato:
I know I promised not to send patches... and indeed I'm not sending 
this one... I'm
just attaching it here...;)

Since I like this idea I did some improvements and so I amended the 
previous patch:

1. now the modifier will activate itself on the first current workspace 
(and not on
the first one);

2. I added haddock documentation;

3. I changed the Test eventHook into EventHookExample that will log to 
stderr every
event, but will specifically handle a button event. To test, just click 
over the
decoration of a decorated layout.

Maybe some would like to play with it. This code requires my other 
patches I listed

I'm on vacation now...:-)

	eventHookImproved.dpatch  39.6 KB

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