[xmonad] Strange Thunar CPU idling phenomenon

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Wed Feb 20 14:54:40 EST 2008

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 07:27:22PM +0900, semdornus at gmail.com wrote:
> * On Wednesday, February 20 2008, Spencer Janssen wrote:
>> Can you elaborate on which other WMs you've tried?
> Sure,
> I've now tried xmonad, dwm and awesome in combination with the file
> managers Thunar, pcmanfm and emelfm2.
> dwm and awesome don't have this behaviour at all with any of the file
> managers. I know awesome was derived from dwm, but recently it's
> strongly diverging so I tried that one as well anyway.

One major difference between xmonad and dwm is that xmonad unmaps non-visible
windows (standard WM behavior), while dwm merely moves them offscreen.  I'm not
sure whether awesome unmaps windows too.

> xmonad with Thunar does as described, pcmanfm has the same behaviour
> although the intial idling is lower; it goes between 0 and 1%. After
> I change the directory in pcman it idles at 0%, just like Thunar.
> Although emelfm2 also uses fam/gamin it doesn't display this behaviour
> at all.
> I haven't tried other WMs/FMs yet since I don't want to pull in anything
> too big and traditional WM's are probably not comparable in this aspect
> anyway. If someone has Thunar and can check it that would be great. I'm
> interested to see if it's really my system or xmonad who does this.

Yep, I think it will help if someone else could reproduce this.  Also, testing
with other, more traditional, window managers might help.

Spencer Janssen

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