[xmonad] Strange Thunar CPU idling phenomenon

semdornus at gmail.com semdornus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 05:27:22 EST 2008

* On Wednesday, February 20 2008, Spencer Janssen wrote:

>Can you elaborate on which other WMs you've tried?


I've now tried xmonad, dwm and awesome in combination with the file
managers Thunar, pcmanfm and emelfm2.

dwm and awesome don't have this behaviour at all with any of the file
managers. I know awesome was derived from dwm, but recently it's
strongly diverging so I tried that one as well anyway.

xmonad with Thunar does as described, pcmanfm has the same behaviour
although the intial idling is lower; it goes between 0 and 1%. After
I change the directory in pcman it idles at 0%, just like Thunar.
Although emelfm2 also uses fam/gamin it doesn't display this behaviour
at all.

I haven't tried other WMs/FMs yet since I don't want to pull in anything
too big and traditional WM's are probably not comparable in this aspect
anyway. If someone has Thunar and can check it that would be great. I'm
interested to see if it's really my system or xmonad who does this.

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