[xmonad] Re: Always sink mplayer

Jesús Guerrero i92guboj at terra.es
Thu Dec 4 16:11:13 EST 2008


On Thu, December 4, 2008 21:41, Braden Shepherdson wrote:
>  From the xmonad core:
> manageHook :: ManageHook
> manageHook = composeAll
>                  [ className =? "MPlayer"        --> doFloat
>                  , className =? "Gimp"           --> doFloat ]
> That's the ManageHook from defaultConfig. If you don't use the Gimp,
> just drop "manageHook defaultConfig" from your xmonad.hs. If you do use
> the Gimp, copy that second hook into your config's ManageHook.

I should have looked into that. You are very right, sir. I just removed
the defaultConfig for manageHooks, and all started to work as it should. I
have Hooks for all the apps I need, so I should have no problem with that.

We can close this thread.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those who took the time to
read. This is solved.
Jesús Guerrero

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