[xmonad] Re: darcs patch: Allow users to choose whether the tabbar should always...

Ivan Miljenovic Ivan.Miljenovic at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 10:06:57 EDT 2008

David Roundy <droundy at ...> writes: 
> (also, sending with the -u option is preferred)

I guess you'd know :p

> I see no reason to define createTabs or createTabsAlways.

Maybe not, I just liked the extra level of abstraction.  This way, the 
booleans are only ever used twice, rather than addTabs{,Bottom}{,Always} 
all having to mention it.

> And shouldn't the former
> function be tabMaker False?

Ummmmm..... yes ;-)

Still not sure of the "always" name ending, but couldn't think of anything 
better at the time.

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