[Xmonad] Re: How to combine xmonad with Ubuntu?

Sébastien Gross seb-xmonad at chezwam.org
Tue Sep 11 08:58:47 EDT 2007

On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 07:40:42AM -0500, alextarkovsky at gmail.com wrote:
> This is the same approach I'd like to take. I've tried doing:
> export WINDOW_MANAGER="/usr/bin/xmonad"
> but I'm always stuck with Metacity. That var seems to be ignored because
> xmonad doesn't appear to even launch.

In GDM please select « Use an xinit script » (or something similar)

My ~/.xsession looks like:

xsetroot -solid black
xrdb ${HOME}/.Xdefaults
xmodmap ${HOME}/.xmodmap
ssh-add < /dev/null &
DISPLAY=:0.0 xmonad

At next login you can chose «Use previous session»

Hope this helps.

Sébastien Gross

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