[Xmonad] Re: How to combine xmonad with Ubuntu?

Alex Tarkovsky alextarkovsky at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 08:40:42 EDT 2007

Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> I had been thinking of the opposite route: Keep the normal Gnome session
> but just replace the window manager.  (Gnome has a setting that says
> which WM to run.)  I'm not sure how that will pan out.

This is the same approach I'd like to take. I've tried doing:

export WINDOW_MANAGER="/usr/bin/xmonad"

but I'm always stuck with Metacity. That var seems to be ignored because
xmonad doesn't appear to even launch.

Going the opposite route, I've had trouble getting gnome-panel to launch
inside the gap -- it wants to go into the main area instead. Has anyone
else gotten this to work, and how?

Alex Tarkovsky

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