[Xmonad] trouble with xmonad 0.3: mod-tab intermittently makes mouse clicks cease to work

Kai Grossjohann kai at emptydomain.de
Fri Sep 7 06:22:07 EDT 2007

Are you running unclutter?  I find that xmonad behaves strangely when
unclutter has hidden the mouse pointer.

"unclutter -idle 2" leads to problems with OpenOffice: it doesn't want
to relinquish focus when you switch to another screen.

"unclutter -grab -idle 2" leads to problems with some Gtk apps (most
notably, Eclipse).  They don't drop down menus from the menu bar when
the mouse pointer is hidden and you hit Alt-F (say) to access the (File,
in this case) menu.


On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 04:44:39PM +0000, Zed Lopez wrote:

> I tried Xmonad 0.3 last night. I have a double-monitor setup, configured as
> separate screens (I used this successfully with Xmonad 0.2.) I was only using
> one of them, with the FullScreen layout, and a bog-standard, uncustomized,
> no-extensions Xmonad 0.3.
> Occasionally, Mod-tabbing between screens resulted in mouse clicks doing nothing
> -- the mouse continued to move the cursor. Cycling through the windows again
> with mod-tab fixed it.
> I can't reproduce this at will -- like I said, it's intermittent. Is anyone else
> facing this?
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