[Xmonad] Re: trouble with xmonad 0.3: mod-tab intermittently makes mouse clicks cease to work

Zed Lopez gmane.xmonad.zed2323 at xoxy.net
Thu Sep 6 17:25:12 EDT 2007

Don Stewart <dons at ...> writes:
>>Occasionally, Mod-tabbing between screens resulted in mouse clicks doing
>>nothing -- the mouse continued to move the cursor. Cycling through the windows
>>again with mod-tab fixed it.

> mod-tab between screens? or workspaces? is this xinerama-only?

Sorry for my sloppy language. mod-tab between windows, using only one screen,
only one workspace. I haven't tried it without Xinerama; I don't know whether
it's relevant. 

Tonight, I'll see if I can reliably reproduce it, and try it without Xinerama,
and file a bug with what I find.

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