[Xmonad] Issue 73 in xmonad: xmonad as a library

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Thu Oct 25 03:58:16 EDT 2007

Issue 73: xmonad as a library

New issue report by SpencerJanssen:
We'd like to turn xmonad and XMonadContrib into libraries.  This will enable
real binary distributions of xmonad.  Additionally, it will be easier to
automatically test XMonadContrib modules.

Due to complications of package dependencies, we will also deprecate in-tree
customization of xmonad.  Instead, all user configuration will go in
~/.xmonad/Main.hs which is a client of the xmonad/XMonadContrib libraries
that simply executes a defaultMain function with some options.  We will also
provide a wrapper script that executes "~/.xmonad/Main.hs" or launches a
default xmonad session.

Steps to completion:
     1. Eliminate the cyclic dependencies in Config.hs.  All the 
bindings in
        Config.hs should become fields in a Configuration record, which 
will be
       part of our read-only state.

    2. Port contributed modules to the new Configuration system.

    3. Design the new xmonad executable that either executes ~/.xmonad/Main.hs
       or starts an xmonad session with the default options.  This wrapper
       must be very robust, handling issues like:
            * ghc missing
            * ~/.xmonad/Main.hs missing
            * Main.hs fails to compile
            * Missing xmonad/XMonadContrib modules due to ghc upgrade

    4. Update all documentation regarding user configuration.

Issue attributes:
	Status: Started
	Owner: SpencerJanssen
	Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Milestone-Release0.5

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