[Xmonad] Issue 69 in xmonad: Key binding improvements

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Mon Oct 22 12:32:39 EDT 2007

Issue 69: Key binding improvements

New issue report by gwern0:
Currently, the use of modifier keys as the prefix key is a bit troublesome.
You can either render your Meta/Alt key useless for anything non-XMonad or
hope one of the other 3 will work out. And if you want anything else, you
get to enjoy the loving caresses of xmodmap - about which the less said the

So it's difficult if not nigh-impossible to do more complex things; let's
take an avid user of GNU Screen and Emacs. Such a gal is a natural for
using XMonad; but they don't want to give up Control or Meta to XMonad, for
obvious reasons (and they use a Happy Hacker keyboard, so no Windows key).
The natural and pleasant approach would be to set the XMonad prefix key to
"C-z", analogous to "C-a".

In Ratpoison or Stump, this would be a very easy thing to do and it is
indeed often done - a simple 'escape C-z' does it. In XMonad? They are, as
best as I can figure, screwed.

This is a suboptimal situation, and needs rectification. I don't think it
can be done as an extension because the privileging of Mod1-4 seems to be
embedded all the way down into the core.

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