[Xmonad] StumpWM video

Jamie Webb j at jwebb.sygneca.com
Sun Oct 14 07:36:10 EDT 2007

On 2007-10-13 23:55:29 Michael Vanier wrote:
> I would add that it would be highly desirable to have a video which 
> actually displays properly and/or can be downloaded in a format which 
> mplayer understands.  I couldn't view the StumpWM video correctly in 
> either Windows or Linux, using either Firefox or Internet Explorer
> (both of which have Flash enabled),

Yes... a bit strange how the conversion to FLV has kind of half worked.

> and mplayer couldn't play the ogg
> file either.

Then your mplayer wasn't compiled with Theora support. Blame your
distro :-). Or if you're using Gentoo, add the theora USE flag.


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