[Xmonad] StumpWM video

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat Oct 13 16:16:27 EDT 2007

> Okay, I finally watched the StumpWM video Spencer's been raving about:
>   http://www.archive.org/details/TheStumpWMExperience
> And he says:
>   <sjanssen> we can only make a screencast if it's cooler than the stumpwm one
> It is indeed cool. Two reasons, I think:
>   1. Cool music & voice
>   2. Overload of information
> Regarding #1, I see two options:
>   a) Come up with something equally cool.
>   b) Theme from "Bananas in Pajamas"
> Regarding #2, it was cool to watch, but didn't at all attract me to
> switch. One of my main attractions to xmonad was that it took me about
> ten seconds to learn enough where xmonad was usable. After watching
> the StumpWM vid, I don't even remember how to switch workspaces. I
> suggest an alternative, in two parts:
>   * Part 1: Spend two minutes going over basic functionality of xmonad.
>     Need to strike a good balance in speed here -- don't bore or
>     overwhelm. Cover keybindings in order of necessity. Something
>     like (alt+): shift-return, j/k, 1/2/3, shift-j/k, shift-1/2/3,
>     return, m. Fullstop.

Yes, just walking through the tour.html should be enough of a script.

>   * Pause for five seconds (let it sink in). Let them know that they
>     have now mastered xmonad.


>   * Part 2: Show how easy it is to add contribs (copy from the docs into
>     Config.hs), and compile/restart seamlessly (i.e. layout
>     serialization). Feel free to overwhelm with features at this point,
>     and maybe include a little custom Config hacking.

Yes, then go nuts.  Start hacking Haskell live

-- Don

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