[Xmonad] MATLAB and Xmonad

Christian Thiemann mail at christian-thiemann.de
Fri Oct 12 10:23:28 EDT 2007

van Tarasov wrote:
> Does SetWMName hack work when you are starting the MATLAB on local machine?

No, neither remote nor local.

> Are you pressing the keys which set the WM name before the start the 

Yes, did that.

 > Once the JVM inside which the MATLAB is running has been
> started, changing the name of the WM does not affect this particular JVM 
> (it only checks which WM is used once on startup).

I just rebooted my machine to make sure no VM is sleeping somewhere - 
but still the same problem :-(

> If this still does not work, can you please try adding 
> AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit line to the ~/.ssh/environment and make sure that 
> it gets into the environment of the remote machine at startup of your 
> ssh session.

That for some reason does not work, but I can of course do an 'export 
AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit' in the ssh shell before I call 'matlab' (I suppose 
that should make no difference to the ~/.ssh/environment approach?). 
But then MATLAB freezes during startup - I cannot close the splash 
screen using Mod-C nor kill matlab using Ctrl-C on the terminal running 
the ssh session.  Only Mod-C killing the terminal works (or probably a 
SIGKILL to matlab, but I haven't tried that).

- Christian

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