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Christian Thiemann mail at christian-thiemann.de
Sat Oct 6 13:58:56 EDT 2007

Sat Oct  6 19:31:13 CEST 2007  Christian Thiemann <mail at christian-thiemann.de>
  * Two new dynamic log functions that display the title of the currently focused window
  I liked the window-title-in-statusbar feature of dwm very much and wanted to
  have that in XMonad as well.  Somewhere on the net I found some code to put
  into Config.hs (and sorry, that was last week and I already forgot where I got
  it from) which I modified and put into the DynamicLog extension.  One can now
  set the logHook in Config.hs either to dynamicLogWithTitle to get the usual
  layout description and workspace list plus window title enclosed in angle
  brackets, or dynamicLogWithTitleColored "white" (or "red" etc.) to have xmonad
  print out some ^fg() markers for dzen to display the window title in the given
  Some windows (like terminals or browsers) change their window title from time
  to time but xmonad does not recognize this.  So I started learning Haskell to
  provide patches for X11-extras and xmonad so that PropertyNotify events are
  captured and, if the event notifies about a WM_NAME property change, call the
  logHook to update the status bar.
  Hope you find this useful,
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