[Xmonad] Issue 54 in xmonad: Composable manageHooks interface

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Sat Oct 6 13:56:52 EDT 2007

Issue 54: Composable manageHooks interface

Comment #1 by SpencerJanssen:
I've also considered using Maybe here.  I also think we want to pass 
the window name
and class to hooks -- it's used by practically every hook, and will 
make user hooks

I think the list approach makes writing user rules more difficult:

floatMyApp w _ "MyApp" _ = return (W.float ...)
floatMyApp w _ _       _ = return id -- every single hook must add this 
default case

I've changed the summary to "Composable manageHooks interface" because 
that is the
real issue.

(re: feature request, replace the "Type-Defect" label with "Type-Enhancement")

Issue attribute updates:
	Summary: Composable manageHooks interface

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