[xmonad] new contrib modules in XMonad.Prompt

Brent Yorgey byorgey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 00:37:58 EST 2007

> > * The first is XMonad.Prompt.AppendFile, which simply provides a prompt
> for
> > you to type a single line of text which should be appended to a file.  I
> use
> > it for quickly writing down notes/reminders/todos that pop into my head
> into
> > a special file, when I don't want to interrupt whatever else I'm doing.
>  You
> > could also use it for, say, writing a new xmonad contrib module
> > line-by-line, although I don't recommend it. =)
> Wow. Don't you think `shellPrompt' from XMonad.Prompt.Shell is quite
> suitable?
> It's flexible, it's general, it's... shell.
> Run: echo 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Featuritis' >>/home/me/NOTES

That's obviously not the same thing.  When I want to quickly write down a
todo item, I don't want to have to type 'echo' and '>>/home/me/NOTES' every
time.  The point is to be able to hit: keybinding, todo item, enter.
Anything more than that defeats the purpose.  And no one said you have to
use this extension. =)

With that said, however, this is obviously a very simple extension, and
perhaps it doesn't really deserve its own module.  Suggestions for merging
it into another module are welcome.  Perhaps we could create a single module
with lots of 'trivial' prompts of this sort, partly to be useful and partly
to give people an idea of the sorts of things that are possible to code on
their own.  In the end, that's really a big part of why I contributed this
extension: to give people a simple example of the sort of thing that is

Yes, these look useful. I haven't read them properly, though: I've updated
> GHC to the latest darcs version and can't even configure xmonad now. :)
> But your patches might simplify extending XMonad.Prompt.Man:
> section-wise manpage completions aren't easy while `getCompletions'
> (from XMonad.Prompt) ignores all words in prompt except the last one.

Yikes, I hope you can get GHC + xmonad working properly!  At any rate I'll
look forward to seeing what you do with the man prompt, it's one of the ones
I use now.

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