[xmonad] Issue 95 in xmonad: Improve floating layer usability

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Tue Nov 27 14:10:56 EST 2007

Issue 95: Improve floating layer usability

Comment #1 by m... at christian-thiemann.de:
This issue was bugging me a lot last week while preparing images for a presentation
with gimp... so I already started looking into the code on how to fix 
this.  As far
as I understood, floating windows are simply tagged to be floating 
while the (visual)
window stacking order is determined by the stacking order in the 
StackSet.  In my
opinion and as you said, the only defect of the floating layer is the 
lack of a raise
function that can be triggered either by mouse (raise-on-click) or by 
keyboard (just
to be consistent with the "keyboardless window manager" approach... 
although most
people would probably use the mouse in the floating mode...).

This could be done either by simply rearranging the windows in the 
StackSet or by
maintaining an additional ordered list of floating windows (which are 
not present in
the tiling stack).  The former approach has the side effect that a 
floating window
will not sink back into the same position where it was when set to 
floatig while the
latter solution is just... er... I don't know... I actually like the 
first one better
for conceptual reasons...

Unless somebody immediately know how to code this, I would be happy to implement...
but currently I am quite busy so I won't get on it before the weekend, 
I guess.

Cheers, Christian

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