[xmonad] does it make any sense?

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Sun Nov 18 08:39:22 EST 2007

On Nov 17, 2007 2:42 PM, Andrea Rossato <mailing_list at istitutocolli.org>

> On Sat, Nov 17, 2007 at 12:17:27PM -0500, Brent Yorgey wrote:
> > 2. People who know a bit of Haskell and want to get a bit fancier with
> their
> > configuration, or write some new extensions.
> >
> > Andrea, it seems that this is the kind of thing you have started putting
> in
> > Documentation.hs (starting with the section "Writing new extensions"),
> but I
> > think this should probably go on the wiki instead.  The problem is that
> I
> > think this document, written properly, will be VERY long!
> Well, what I have in mind is a brief (really) overview of the xmonad's
> internal working with reference (links) to the (quite good, I would
> say) haddock documentation of the code: main (now xmonad), the event
> handler, the X monad, and the layout type stuff.
> About the last one, I don't know, maybe I'm just plainly wrong, but
> after the LayoutClass change, with the 0.4 release, I had the feeling
> that new modules contributions have decreased - we would need one of
> those Don's graphs to verify this... I repeat, I may be wrong, but I
> think that all the type class stuff could be difficult to grasp to the
> coders who could be contributing code for xmonad.
> I think that a brief introduction for them could be helpful too. What
> do you think? Am I wrong with that?

OK, yes, I agree, there is definitely space for a third audience: those who
want a little guidance on how to jump into making their own extensions, but
don't want to read an entire novel. =)  I'm still not sure where such a
thing should go -- whether it should go in Documentation.hs or on the wiki.

That would be really great I think, and if I had the time I would have
> started something like this. Please consider the possibility of
> starting it on the wiki, I could be helping somehow.

I'll see about putting what I have on the wiki soon.

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