[Xmonad] compositing

Spencer Janssen sjanssen at cse.unl.edu
Fri Nov 9 03:42:37 EST 2007

On Saturday 03 November 2007 15:27:00 Yair Mahalalel wrote:
> This is not what you were asking for, but you can achieve a similar
> effect by controlling the transparency of the windows. There's a perl
> script floating around called focustrans.pl, which uses the transset-df
> utility to keep all windows but the one in focus translucent. If you set
> your root image to something bland, this has the effect of toning down
> the whole screen except for focused window, which appears to stand out.
> I find this to be a very intuitive way to keep track of window focus.
> The script itself is an ugly hack, however, and might take some fiddling
> to get working, but it might be worth the effort as the effect is both
> pretty and usable.

We could actually provide the functionality of transset-df and focustrans.pl
within xmonad with a layout modifier.  All it requires is setting a window
property on unfocused windows.  Who wants to write it? ;)

> (And since this is my first posting on this list, kudos to the xmonad
> team. It's an outstanding piece of work)


> Cheers,
> Yair.

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